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1. Why do people prefer ITverse?

That’s easy, we’re innovative and adapt to the needs of our clients. We prefer doing all our work on-site – since that’s where the problems are happening and if you’re an SLA customer, our normal office hours don’t apply and we work when you work.

2. Do you perform call-outs?

Yes, we do. If you have a once off problem that you need assistance with just call us and we’ll come and have a look, depending on where you are the standard fee of R700 may be more.

3. What industries do you serve?

We serve everyone, from private individuals to start-ups all the way up to flourishing businesses that have existed for years.

We’re Here to Help You

We offer our customers the option of using us as they require or by signing an SLA in which we provide certain services for a fixed fee.

Depending on the job at hand and materials required we use our own discretion on applying a deposit to certain quotes.

Yes, we do. We ensure that the website we create is of complete satisfaction for the client and easy to navigate for the user. We can assist in all websites, from integrating your POS or ERP system into your online store all the way to making a basic one-pager to advertise who you are.

We are based in Pretoria and will service all areas in a 50km radius of us. We don’t have a physical office – we like to come to you, since that’s where the problem lies.

Anything, we strive to be a one-stop-shop IT firm to fulfill all your needs. We know it’s easier to talk to just one person, and let us be them.

We have set fees in our products page, but we always give out a custom quote to ensure you get the best pricing.

Replacing whole computer systems for doctor’s practices, redoing all computers for shops and factories, reimplementing server folders and sharing with VPN’s, optimizing computers and setting up POS systems along with many more!

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